If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy. frequency, and vibration
— Nikola tesla

Before embodying as Lady Mu, Meredith has been a lifelong performer putting herself at the mercy of an audience since she was old enough to speak. Whether performing acrobatic feats in the circus, singing, acting, dancing, playing piano, or creating sound baths – Meredith has always taken the role of the muse, communicating eternal truths through performative expression.

At 17, Meredith graduated early and went to study acting and music at NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. After graduating and spending some years in Hollywood, Meredith awoke one day with a very clear awareness that the pursuit of acting had become empty and it was time to step away and rediscover what performance meant to her. This was the penultimate turning point in her individual hero’s journey and she began to travel the world extensively, exploring and studying several of the world’s spiritual traditions.




While becoming a certified yoga instructor in India, surrounded by both the Raga and Kirtan tradition, Meredith became fascinated with the esoteric nature of sound. She began to study sound from a scientific, anthropological, psychological, and spiritual perspective, eventually receiving her sound healing certification from The Globe Institute in San Francisco. Since then Meredith has been leading workshops on using the voice as a meditative and healing tool, while creating music that fuses her knowledge of sound into songs that will pierce the veil of pop culture.