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SACRED SOUND SUNDAYS: Access the Infinite

  • fairfax community church (map)

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Join us for SACRED SOUND SUNDAYS ⫸ a bi-monthly sound bath meditation where we come together in community at the end of our week to RELAX, REPLENISH, and RE-HARMONIZE the body, mind, and spirit.

The evening will be orchestrated by the unified forces of certified sound practitioners Mera Mu & Mytrae Meliana, who will open a ceremonial container and lead the group through a deep transformational journey into the sound current. Merging Piano & Vocal channeling, Mera and Mytrae bring a unique musical medicine that is deeply cathartic and balancing, opening the individual to the infinite.

Come be BATHED in a healing symphony of…

·      Alchemy Crystal Bowls

·      Healing Voice

·      Tibetan Singing Bowls

·      Piano

·      Drum

·      Koshi Chimes and more…

Doors at 6PM | Sound at 6:15 – NO late entry once sound begins

Sliding Scale $30 - $40 | Limited Donation tickets available for those who may need a lower cost option

⫸ Please bring yoga mats, pillows, blankets, eye covering, essential oil, crystals…anything to make you comfortable and enhance your sound meditation experience


WHAT IS Sound Meditation?

Sound Meditation uses sound, rhythm, and vibration to bring people into deep states of relaxation, healing, and meditation. Through the process of brainwave entrainment, sound meditation can lead listeners to profound states of consciousness that allow them to connect deeply with their inner world and individuated experience of source creation. The experience is designed to enhance peace, harmony, health, balance, abundance, and personal evolution in all aspect of people’s lives.

For thousands of years, world cultures, religions and mystic traditions have used the power of sound, rhythm, and chanting to induce meditative states that expand one's consciousness and heal the many layers of body and mind.

Modern Science has now begun to validate what the world’s spiritual traditions have known for ages – that sound has the power to positively effect our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.



·      Increases feeling of well-being and inner harmony

·      Enhances clarity, focus, and self-awareness

·      Activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, reducing anxiety and stress hormones.

·      Balances to the Endocrine, Metabolic, Nervous, and Digestive Systems

·      Effective in relieving Chronic Pain, TMJ, Migraines, and more…

·      Releases natural opiates, decreasing Depression

·      Aids in releasing emotional trauma and blockages

·      Balances the right and left brain hemispheres

·      Induces brainwave states ideal for healing, meditation, and profound revelations.  

Earlier Event: July 28
Later Event: August 25